The Designs of Humanity

Sometimes I think about who we are.

there’s a working man working man

photo of old
what is it inside us that always wants to be doing something? it’s common knowlege that there are never enough hours in the day. why? is it possible that this desire to create is in our very nature? when an artist creates a painting, he/she is proud of it because it’s a display of talent. it’s easy enough to write off this pride as greedy, but what if there’s something more to creation? each painting painted has a life of its own. to change even the slightest brush stroke would be to kill what it was, and reclaim life as something else.
in old photographs – really old photographs – many times people would move during a picture, as it took much longer to properly expose a slide of film. for the people in the photo, it was a mistake, but for the people viewing the photos years later, it brings up questions. did the moving person move on purpose? were they not aware they were being photographed? if they did know, would they have stopped for the camera anyway? judgements of character could even be made. in this way, the photograph’s life is changing from the form in which it was originally created. every time it sends a new message to someone, it changes. keep your eyes open next time you open the family album.


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