The Designs of Humanity

Sometimes I think about who we are.

auntie growth

auntie flower
mother nature never supported auntie growth. experiencing one country and then the next shows this. what made man think that he was so high and mighty that he could build a tower to heaven? now all we have to thank ourselves for is a world that’s the toes on the statue and a bunch of cryptic tongues.
languages are barriers between us. if you don’t believe it, try experiencing someone else’s culture without using a single word of their language. even if they know your language, you won’t end up more than ankle-deep in their culture. so by building ourselves higher, and closer to understanding of all things, we actually stepped back by invoking these barriers on ourselves.
at the same time, differences between us create opportunities. if we never had to overcome understanding another language, we would never learn the type of patience that is needed to overcome such a thing. trees are good examples of this. if it weren’t for one side with dirt and water, the side we well know would never exist. in the same way, the side that makes bumps in sidewalks would never exist without a network of leaves and branches above ground for the collection of the equally grande underside’s neccessities. both sides feed each other without even knowing it.
upside-down tree


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