The Designs of Humanity

Sometimes I think about who we are.

ride with hitler.

why don’t we ever miss people until they’re gone forever? i would like to suggest that perhaps it’s because we’re conditioned to. ever since the moment we’re born, no one is ever truly alone. sure, for expanses of time one can be isolated — but even in that time, people are thinking of them, and there’s the hope that someone still cares embedded deep in the nature of humanity.

while this picture was meant to be war propaganda, and no doubt accomplished it’s goal, it also illustrates my point. even if your allegiance is with someone others despise, there’s always someone who will take you in.
the message i draw from this is that there’s never any reason to worry about being alone. worrying about such a thing only makes it harder for you to remedy your situation. if worst comes to worst, climb on board with hitler. he’s probably good company.

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